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The Day I tell you my kryptonite. And a few other things.

Hello Party People! - I know that's a movie or tv line that I heard/watched at some point. I just can't remember where or when or what (basically all the W's) it came from and I'm too lazy right now to try to google it.

Since I last posted a lot has happened. A LOT! So I'll try to give you some of the broad strokes because, after all, I don't think many people would care that I had a doctor's appointment with my gynocologist. Or that when doing some window shopping on Amazon I accidentally hit "buy now" on The Complete Series of Friends on blue-ray. (Since I've been thinking about purchasing it for a long time now I'm not mad about it.) And you probably don't care that when I changed a light bulb in one of my lamps in my living room from the traditional style bulbs to one of those fancy LED, lasts 13 years ones, I ended up blowing a fuse and my lamp (which, to be fair, was pretty old) started to smell like electricity and some other burning smell. Nope. Probably no interest in those things at all. I'll just talk about the major things that have happened.

1. I mistakenly ate part of a muffin that had blackberries in it and I'm allergic to blackberries. I'm not talking about simply getting a rash or breaking out into hives. No, no, no. I'm talking about a tongue swelling and throat closing reaction where I had to call emergency and ended up spending a very long time in the ER even though I kept telling them I was fine (after a shot of course) and was quite capable of calling an Uber to take me home.

I still can't believe I ate blackberries. I'm normally so careful about what I eat especially when it comes to fruit or berries. But, to be fair, I had purchased those muffins before and they didn't have blackberries in them. See? This is what happens when you get too comfortable and less vigilant. And blackberries are my kryptonite. So let's just keep that bit of info on the down low so none of my arch nemeses get that bit of info. (I'm thinking of you, girl in second grade who stole my black crayon and just laughed in my face when I demanded it back!! {But to be fair I think she has more important things to worry about than my allergy to blackberries. Several years ago, the gossip around my hometown was that the guy she married just days after they graduated, impregnated her with seven kids (I can't even imagine!!), and had been screwing around behind her back the whole time they were together left her alone and penniless when he maxed out their credit cards, emptied their bank accounts, and ran away with her best friend. Word is the husband and the best friend are having a great time traveling the world and living on a boat while his wife had to move her and her kids in with her parents.} Talk about things you probably don't care about....)

2. I had police at my house for a second time during the week (the first time being when I ate blackberries and had several cop cars, two ambulances, and a fire truck in front of my house. That's not to mention all of my neighbors and people on the surrounding blocks being nosy and gathering on my street to gawk at all the hub-bub.) When I went outside to do some yard work, I noticed that the screen door to the back door of my garage was open. This is odd because I always make sure that doors are both closed and locked. When I took a closer look, I realized it was open because someone had broken the door to pry it open and had attempted to break into the solid door. There where nicks in the paint where it looked like someone had used a knife or screwdriver or something to try to jimmy it open. Thankfully they weren't successful.

This shocked me because nothing happens where I live. Seriously, I used to think that I could probably leave my front door wide open all night and nothing bad would happen. The officer that came (one of the same ones from my allergy incident) said that in the past few months there has been a string of break ins all around town. They believe - based on some fuzzy home security videos - that it's a group of older teenagers that have been breaking into and stealing stuff from cars, from front porches, someone's shed was broken into and thousands of dollars of tools and equipment were stolen, and even one older woman's collection of garden gnomes were taken and a few were smashed. He said they have an idea of who is all involved so hopefully it won't be long until they can catch them.

I've since had the screen door replaced and the one that replaced it is solid! I mean no one is going to break that thing! But I'm still freaked. Think about it - I'm always at home. Unless I have a doctor's appointment, go to the grocery store, or run to pick up food, I'm home. So, there's a good chance that someone(s) was trying to break into my garage when I was at home! And my garage is attached to my house. So, technically they were trying to break into my house while I (most likely) was home! I can't stop thinking about what would have happened if I had heard a noise, went to investigate, and stumbled upon people trying to break in or actually in my garage. Would they have run away or would they have hurt me?

I've been obsessing about it ever since it happened. So that means that I've gotten very little sleep because I'm constantly listening to any little noise that might be out of place. After it gets dark all of my lights are always on, and, at night, I don't move from room to room without taking my taser and pepper spray with me. I know that's a little extreme, but it's hard dealing with the fact that this web of safety I've always associated with my home has been breached. Or, more accurately, was attempted to be breached. I know its just a matter of time before I'll relax and things will go back to normal. But, for the time being, I hate this feeling!

3. I think the police officer I mentioned in both #1 and #2 likes me. Sure, it could be that he's just a really nice guy. But I'm just getting this vibe from him that he might like me at least a little bit. My sister thinks he does and a friend of mine also thinks so, but you be the judge.

After the whole ER ordeal with my allergic reaction to blackberries, I was going to call an Uber to take me home. My sister lives way too far away to pick me up, with the virus going on I really didn't want to call a friend, and there was absolutely no way I was going to call my aunt and uncle. NO WAY! You don't know this about them, but my uncle is a cool guy. My aunt, however, is a big pain in the ass. Seriously, I would have hoofed it home before calling her.

No one liked my idea of calling an Uber. Not doctors, not nurses, not the cop (who stayed with me for about an hour when I first got there, left for a couple of hours, and then came back - how weird is that??!), and even random people I don't know and I will never see again expressed their dislike of my idea. Someone even said that Uber won't come to the hospital to pick me up but I'm not sure how true that is or not. And since I'm not planning on going to the hospital again any time soon, I don't feel a need to find that out.

The cop informed me (and everyone else that was within hearing distance) that he was going to take me home. By this point I was exhausted, confused, and I just wanted to go home. But still, my stubbornness and general distaste of anyone telling me what to do came out a little. I told him he was bossy. He told me it was all a part of his job and that I'll get used to it (??). And then I agreed only because I thought it would get me out of there sooner. It didn't. I had to wait an additional 3 hours after I agreed to let him take me home before they released me. But the ride home was very nice. He asked me a million questions about myself and in turn I asked a million questions about him. It was a very pleasant conversation. My only disappointment was earlier when he left the hospital and then came back he was off duty and so he drove me home in his pickup truck. So I didn't get a chance to investigate all the bells and whistles inside a police cruiser. And you know I definitely would have tried to persuade him to turn on the lights and sirens if just for a block or two. Oooo.... Can you imagine going through a Taco Bell drive thru with the lights and sirens on?! I'd be like, "People move out of the way! We have a nacho emergency!" Yes, I'm a goober. Always have been. Always will be.

He didn't like leaving me home all on my own considering my allergic reaction, so he got my phone number and called me every few hours to make sure I was okay. That was nice and kind of sweet. But when he called me close to midnight to make sure everything was fine and woke me from a light snooze, I told him I was turning off my phone until 8am the next morning and if he showed up at my house (something he said he would do earlier if I didn't pick up) between then and 8am I was going to turn the hose on him.

He called me around 9:30am the next morning just to make sure things were okay. When he also called me just before noon, I said, "Dude. I'm fine. You really need to stop worrying about me." But he ignored me and asked me what I liked on my burger. Then an hour later he showed up on my door with burgers, fries, onion rings, milk shakes, and an assortment of sodas because he didn't know my preferences. Very sweet, right? But who goes that much above and beyond just to be nice?

Then when I called the police about the back screen door to my garage being broken, he showed up and told me when he heard about it he insisted on being the one to answer the call. He was very comforting and soothing because I was kind of freaked. He even helped me figure out who to contact to get it replaced.

And then tonight. I originally started this post much earlier. But then, in the midst of writing this, he called and came over with ice cream sundaes from our local ice cream parlor. We ate our ice cream on the back deck and chatted until it got dark. Then we came inside and we talked for a little more in front of my tv. He just left a little bit ago.

So, yeah.... I'm not sure what to make of things. And the thing is I like him as a person. He's smart and he has a good sense of humor. He thinks I'm funny even when I'm not trying to be funny - so I don't know what that means. The whole thing is just a little odd, mostly because of how we met and how things have transpired. I'm not exactly sure what he's after, if anything. Maybe he just wants to be friends, which I'm always up for making new friends. But this just feels different, you know?

I don't know. It's all so confusing. I guess we'll just see what happens.

BTW... I'm completely fine after my allergic reaction. It's happened to me a few times in the past and I'm always okay after that shot. So, :).


9:47 p.m. - 2020-09-16


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